Entry #24


2017-06-01 15:32:59 by ObsidianSnow

I'm still alive!


Lots is going on. I haven't posted here in ages, as most of the music I'm making these days isn't the kind of thing I can post under creative commons, but it is still happening. I miss doing that though, so I'd like to make some new stuff here over the summer if I get the time.


Was my last CC release really in 2013? Holy balls. Let's fix that.


Stay rad, pals.


- Snow


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2017-06-01 16:12:39

There is now an All rights reserved option on NG, have you noticed in the Publication Details?

ObsidianSnow responds:

I actually had no idea! ...probably because I haven't posted in so long. Still, can't share the current projects yet, so I'm still in the same boat. But thanks for letting me know!